What is roller derby?

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• Each game is 60 minutes long, divided into two 30 minute periods.

• Each period consists of multiple ‘jams’ which last a maximum of 2 minutes.

• Each team fields 5 players per jam; 3 Blockers, 1 Pivot and 1 Jammer.

• The objective is to be the team with the most points at the end of the game.


• Jammers can score 1 point for every member of the opposing team they pass on track.

• The first Jammer to clear the pack becomes
the ‘Lead Jammer’. They can end the jam at any point by touching their hips repeatedly. A referee will skate alongside the Lead Jammer pointing to them. 

• Each team uses their own tactics in attempting to prevent the opposing Jammer from passing, while helping their own Jammer to score points.

• When the whistles end the jam, players switch over and start again.


• When a skater is issued a penalty they must immediately skate to the penalty box and remain there for 30 seconds until released.

• A penalty can be issued for a number of things such as hitting illegal zones (middle of the back, above shoulders, below mid-thigh), using illegal zones (head, elbows, forearms, below mid-thigh, feet) and stepping back on track in front of someone, to name a few. 


The best way to understand and appreciate Roller Derby is to experience it live! 

Come along to our next home game.