Upcoming Events

  • 28th April. Mixed scrim. More details here.
  • 26th May. Mixed scrim. More details coming soon.

Women’s team current ranking


We are Wiltshire Roller Derby….Small But Mighty….

Formed in 2012 and based in Swindon, we’re a skater run league open to all genders and running women’s, men’s and co-ed teams. Our goal is to help all our members to maximise their potential both on track and off. We aim to provide quality coaching and learning experiences in a safe and positive environment and the opportunities to participate in games as skaters and officials.

We are committed to fostering the growth and development of not just the league but the sport of roller derby in general. We aim provide access to the sport locally and nationally for both skaters, officials and fans.

From our small and mighty beginnings we have forged a league filled with a sense of pride and empowerment by working towards common goals. Our core values allow us to fulfil our mission statement:

  • Play to win, train smart and enjoy ourselves.
  • Provide a community of transparency, respect and democracy.
  • Support and encourage others.
  • Show commitment and trust others to do the same.
  • Continue to challenge ourselves.

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