Finding Roller Derby saved me.

After going through a massive trauma in my life I was just about ready to give up, living everyday with huge anxiety, panic attacks about leaving the house and not wanting to do anything.

Then I was introduced to roller derby.

After opening up to a close friend he told me how Derby had helped him and I decided to give it a try. I can't say that for the first couple of weeks it took me every bit of energy I had to show up, but it got easier and it became something that has now become so good for me...

Roller derby gave me an hour and half a week of forgetting about everything else because it took so much concentration to stand on 2 feet (Well 8 wheels). It then became an outlet for me being able to channel any negative emotion into something I have now become passionate about. Since starting with Wiltshire I have learnt so much; firstly how to skate and what derby is all about and secondly about myself I have learnt my strengths and my weaknesses and have learnt to set goals and imagine bigger than the life I was living the months before starting.

With all this I have also found a place where I feel safe, a place where I can be me and I won't be judged. A place where there is a real community, meeting friends that I never want to lose who have helped me get back on track (literally) and inspirations themselves.

Getting to know everyone I found I wasn't alone with many people struggling with anxiety and mental health but everyone comes together and helps each other no matter what and with Wiltshire it feels like a big family!

Roller derby is a massive community throughout the world, where people from all different backgrounds are welcomed with open arms and celebrated, and it's a massively fabulous community to say I belong to.